Automated Forex Signals posted to this site. Beta update.

I have been working for several months on how to best publish automated forex signals on this site. My tentative conclusion is that I am able to publish the following signals at present, along with charts and will endeavour to have this up and running, free of all charges, within the next 1 month.

I will provide the following signals, as they occur, for educational purposes only.

These will be provided at the following operational timelevels

DAILY; HOURLY; 15 minute (30 minute – see below)

On the following instruments




US500 (S&P500) cash index

The signals are informative rather than signs to absolutely execute a trade in the market.

They should be watched and studied and in no way constitute investment advice. Past performance does not inicate future performance, your capital is at risk and this website and its owner will not be held responsible or liable in case that any educational information on this site is read to constintute trading or investment advice.


  1. An advance warning signal that momentum may be changing direction on a currency, commodity or stock market index (Warning 1).
  2. A second warning signal that momentum may be changing direction on currency, commodity or stock market index (Warning 2).
  3. An unfiltered* signal to the effect that momentum seems to have changed to a particular direction (Warning 3).

*in sideways and choppy markets, warning 1,2,3 might signal in either direction. I like to see warning 1,2,3 come together in that order, and within 3-5 candles on the operational timeframe.

Many more pairs and instruments will be provided in a private members area that I am setting up. Check back regularly for updates.


  1. These signals will show where a reversal candle has been posted, demonstrating strength as defined by an algorithm I have been working on recently to improve filtering of reversal candles.
  2. Reversal candles should in the vast majority of cases be used as a guide to an imminent reversal. As such, it is invariably best to use the following two rules of thumb.
  3. Rule of thumb (i). Seek to enter on a 38.2%, 50% or 61.8% retracement of the reversal candle – for example, when the signal posts, the closed reversal candle will be visible as the most recent or second most recent candle to have closed. Entry should be by buy limit (for up reversals) at a retracement area, not immediately, sell limit (for down reversals) at a chosen retracement area.
  4. Rule of thumb (ii). A stop is invariably placed between 3 and 10 pips/ticks above the reversal candle, depending on timeframe used and the target.

SIGNAL 3: MOMENTUM NU (v) – 30 minute chart only

  1. These signals will fire off when the price reaches a point that a proprietary measure of momentum is aligned across multiple timeframes.
  2. The two entries are:
    1. Immediately on the signal firing (aggressive)
    2. Awaiting a retracement to the 50% level on the M30 or H1 charts.


  1. These signals should be used as a signal that a reversal might be imminent, or that the immediate market may have become overheated.


Coming soon... signals every day. Pepperstone Group Limited