The strength of the USD against the Canadian dollar this week and revisiting the DAX

The USD has rallied agains the Canadian this week, helped in some part by the FOMC announcements earlier. Here is a M30 technical chart of the pair.

In the last post I mentioned trading the DAX and using trend envelopes, courtesy of my good friend and a legend of a trader, valeofx from the forex-tsd forum aka Hercs.

As a follow on from that trend which was held in place by the M30 trend envelopes. Here is a chart of today’s action.

As can be seen, the trend envelope on the M30 chart (displayed – Mauve line) and its accompanying 21EMA set to high/low/close acted as strong support for a continued rally, which was firmly corrected, possibly due to DAX December options expiry being today.

Today, the price reached and exceed the resistance 1 pivot level (R1), but closed just above it, before a 50+ point sell off. I favour further bullish activity today, since there is a failed hammer reversal (3rd bar in from the right) and indeed the failure shows a 1 bar reversal (2nd bar in from the right has a lower low, but a higher close than the hammer candle). I’m not holding out, but I think it will go up some more before the close of day. NB. This is educated guessing and not investment advice.

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